Isadora Duncan Guided Travel Tour

October 8th through 15th, 2018. Representing Isadora Duncan’s Living Legacy for 40 years.

Guided Travel Tour in the Fine and Lively Arts in Warsaw, Poland, Krakow and Environs & European Certificate Program in Isadora Duncan Studies Directed by Jeanne Bresciani, PhD.

Join us for an exploration – musical, poetic, literary, natural and philosophical – to reanimate the flow of beauty and soulfulness in the ancestral home of Frederic Chopin. We shall thrive amidst convivium in fine dining, musical concerts, individual artistry in situ and all-encompassing gardens and palace settings. Infused with the spirit of Romantic genius, imagination and invention, we discover the world and rediscover ourselves.

The Isadora Duncan International Institute, Inc., is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit educational organization founded in 1977 by dancer Maria-Theresa Duncan, Isadora Duncan’s adopted daughter and student, and Kay Bardsley, noted dance historian and scholar. The IDII is a global dance organization on five continents whose mission is to preserve of the choreographic and philosophical legacy of Isadora Duncan, to enhance education through classical studies in art and movement, and to maintain the archive of materials from founder, Maria-Theresa Duncan.


  • 7 nights in luxury accommodation
  • World-class performances of opera, music and dance in noted historical venues
  • Festive day-trip to Wawel Castle and the vaunted Krakow
  • Private entrée to palaces, art institutes and historic sites guided by leading Polish and American scholars
  • Elegant culinary experiences in landmark restaurants and little known gems

Optional Separate Offering for Dancers, Artists and New General Students Interested in the Lively Arts:

Certificate Program in Isadora Duncan Studies I: The European Training October 10th through 14th, 2018
Five-day intensive in the technique and choreography of Isadora Duncan in international venues with world-class performance opportunities within an extraordinary palace culture.

More information and special offers for early registrants to be presented soon… |

European Certificate Program in Isadora Duncan Studies.